Experience Virtual Reality

Dive into another world and blast your enemies into pieces.


Move the defense cannon with the head only


Turn your enemies into garbage

Be the hero

Protect the charming city



To be released...

Take a look around

Use your mouse or fingers.


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Virtual Reality is great to experience something new and unexpected. So we wanted to take advandce of this face and therefore try to create an positive and immersive VR-Experience for everyone.

It took a team of 8 students and one extern sound engineer 11 weeks to achieve this result. As a team we worked together for 19 Weeks in the framework of the S4G Berlin educational program.

It´s just great and has a lot of potential not only in game industry.

We wanted to create an short but impressive first VR - Experience for our players.

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Gubener Straße 47, Berlin, Germany
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+49 30 96595244
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+49 30 96595244

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